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First check your Kefalonian map to get your distances right - Road signs on Kefalonia are pretty clear, but you never know….

Take a comfortable backpack and include… a phone in case of emergency, water and slow energy releasing snacks, suntan.

Don’t forget to wear suitable trainers.

You could bring your own bike along but if too difficult we could arrange it for you.

The total area of the Kefalonia island is full of challenging routes suitable for all types of bikes.

Have fun and explore the beauty of Kefalonia!


"Karavomilos – Ag. Efimia –Karavomilos" ( approx. 15 km) / Level: easy / Suitable bike types: road

You begin from Karavomilos and follow the coastal road until Ag. Efimia.
The road along the coast is almost flat offering an easy way to cycle it. On the way lots of little bays challenge you to swim in, ideal for a break.
Since you have arrived at Ag. Efimia you can choose to go on until Myrtos. Otherwise and on your way back, a small refreshing break at Melissani Cave sounds a wonderful idea.

"Karavomilos- Palia Vlachata village (Saristra) " (approx. 10km) / Level: medium  / Suitable bike types: road or trekking

Beginning from Karavomilos, you take the road towards the old village which was devastated by the earthquake of 1953.
It is upwards in the hill of Karavomylos where all the remains of the old village still stand. Some of them are in pretty good condition.
On the way you may come across flocks of sheep and goats. It is a rather different cycling trail from which start several paths for mountain bike if you wish to continue.

"Karavomilos- Sami – Monastery of Ag. Fanentes- Antisamos Beach –Karavomilos" (20km) / Level: medium-hard / Suitable bike types: trekking or electric

You begin from Karavomilos and follow the path by the beach.
When you arrive to Sami you start cycling upwards a rather steep road. The view is rewarding offering a great view of the port of Sami.
Following up the road you arrive to the monastery of Ag. Fanentes, at 270m above sea level, and next to the ancient Acropolis of Kyatis. You go on a flat road and start cycling down the way to Antisamos beach. It is a picturesque beach with every shade of blue, green and white. After you have earned a dive, you start for the way back.

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