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Must visit:

listMelissani Cave Lake – the cave of the nymphs- is one of the most unexplained geological phenomena all over the world. Its waters start from Argostoli, a spot which is lower than Melissani and within 14 days and through underground channels arrive to the cave. Then they flow down to the lake of Karavomylos and the sea. It’s within walking distance, at only 500m from Kalypso Studios & Apartments and you can enjoy it on a boat ride.

  • listDrogharati cave with stalactites and stalagmites is estimated to be over thousands of years old. Its temperature remains the same all over the year at 18 °C since it is at a depth of 95 metres. Its largest chamber has been used for many concerts as its acoustics is unique.
  • listThe lake of Karavomylos with the water mill where the subterranean waters of Melissani end.
  • listFor the most risky and adventurous guys there are also the Aggalaki and Zervati caves. They are descended only by professionals with the proper equipment and under the permission of the local authorities.

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