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From UK to Kefalonia the options are so many:

Thomas Cook

London (Gatwick) 6/5 -28/10 every Saturday and Tuesday

London (Stansted) 14/5-8-/10 every Sunday

Newscastle 14/5-8/10 every Sunday

Manchester 6/5-28/10 every Saturday and Tuesday

Bristol 12/5-6/10 every Friday

Birmingham 9/5-10/10 every Tuesday

Easy jet

London (Gatwick) 28/3-28/10 from two to daily flights a week

Manchester 18/4-27/10 every Tuesday and Friday

Bristol 22/4-28/10 from one to two flights a week

Ryan Air

London (Stansted) 1/6-28/9 every Monday and Thursday

Norwegian lines

London (Gatwick) 29/4-28/10 every Wednesday and Saturday 

ASL Airlines France

Manchester 7/5-8/10 every Sunday

From Italy to Kefalonia:

Ryan Air

Milano (Bergamo) 3/6-26/9 every Tuesday and Saturday

                               3/7-28/8 every Monday

                               3/8-31/8 every Thursday, Friday and Sunday 

Piza  2/6-29/9 every Friday and Sunday

         5/7-30/8 every Wednesday

Mistral air

Verona 26/7-6/9 every Wednesday


Venice 27/6-27/7 every Tuesday and

           27/7-31/8 every Tuesday and Thursday

From Netherlands to Kefalonia:


Amsterdam 28/4-6/10 every Friday

                   15/5/-9/10 + every Monday

From Austria to Kefalonia:

Austrian Airlines

Vienna 9/6-22/9 every Friday


Innsbruck 13/5-14/10 every Saturday

Adria Airways

Graz 3/6-23/9 every Saturday

Last but not least, for the first time from Cyprus to Kefalonia:


Larnaca 24/6-29/8 two flights a week